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baby ketten's story

baby ketten was born in japan. when baby ketten was smuggled into the states by sailors he learned to say several words in english (some were very naughty). he called his dry food "cereal," which he could say quite distinctly. he also said "oat," "raisin," "bro," "ham," and "teak." he also enjoyed singing. his favorite song was "mr. tambourine man." he liked to go down into the basement and sing. i think he enjoyed hearing his voice reverberate in the large empty expanse of the basement. one christmas we bought baby ketten a karaoke machine. when baby ketten would have other kettens over to play they would attempt to use his karaoke machine. the other kettens spoke no english. baby ketten would become very very cross with them. he did not think it to be proper for his favorite songs to be sung in mews. baby ketten now wants nothing to do with his old friends. he feels that he has exceded them in every way and feels far superior. he freely mingles with humans on occasion to unleash his honed mews. if you happen upon him on one such night, please do not be intimidated, go up and shake baby ketten's little paw.